Weekly Horoscope: January 4 - 10

Mars, the planet of action, enters earth sign Taurus.
January 4, 2021, 5:07pm
Robin Eisenberg

Messenger Mercury meets with power planet Pluto at 7:58 PM on Monday, January 4: Pluto is the planet of secrets and things that are hidden and happening underground. As it aligns with Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind, we are clued into some shady stuff. This is also a good time to understand your impulses and deeper psychology, to be clued into things that make you tick!

Mars, the planet of action, finally changes signs for the first time since the end of June 2020; having Mars in one sign for half of the year, plus its retrograde, made things feel stagnant and irritating. There is a change of pace now as things slow down and Mars enters Taurus on Wednesday, January 6, at 6:27 PM. In Taurus, Mars moves deliberately and with great patience.


There’s a lot happening on Friday: Mercury, the planet of communication, enters air sign Aquarius at 6:59 AM and mental processes, writing, and talking, are all functioning highly. Plus Venus changes signs, entering earthy Capricorn at 10:41 AM; Venus in Sagittarius has been going out and flirting with everyone in sight, but Venus in Capricorn comes back home to its committed partner. Venus in Capricorn goes for longevity and practicality in relationships rather than adventure. With three planets changing signs, there’s already a totally different feeling to the new calendar year.

Also on Friday, the sun gently connects with dreamy Neptune at 11:52 AM. This is a magical aspect that helps you tap into something transcendental and otherworldly. Artistic collaboration and spiritual connections are made. This is helpful as there may some disagreements to smooth over as Mercury clashes with Mars at 9:44 PM. People are going to be really assertive.

There is an ease when it comes to getting what we’re after as Venus, the planet of attraction, harmonizes with warrior Mars at 10:52 AM on Saturday, January 9. We’re looking for something lasting as Mercury meets with serious Saturn on the same day at 10:17 PM. Look out for analysis paralysis.

All times ET.


You’re getting to understand your authority on a much deeper level as Mercury, the planet of the mind, meets with power planet Pluto. This is a time for you to think about your legacy and the furthest depths of your reach. Your planetary ruler Mars leaves your sign for the first time since last summer, so you’re shifting gears and thinking more about your money and the best ways to spend it. You may look into finding more roles and positions to fill as Venus enters your house of public reputation; you’ll be more attractive and employers and can beautify your resume and public-facing side. You can tap into some shared consciousness even as the sun connects with Neptune—you know what people want and how to put a spin on your job applications to fulfill that role.


There has been something beneath the surface inspiring your every move as action planet Mars has been lurking in a hidden, rehabilitative sector of your chart since mid-summer 2020. Mars enters your sign, and you have more stamina to confront things head-on. You’re answering a lot of questions in your career and public life as Mercury, the planet of communication, enters your house of fame and legacy. This is a good time to update your resume and reach out to people in charge. There may be a conflict of interest or pressure to answer them as Mercury clashes with Mars. You have the knowledge to smooth over any disagreements and find an attractive, practical solution as Venus harmonizes with Mars. Your planetary ruler Venus in fellow earth sign Capricorn inspires you to be more adventurous and expand your horizons.


You are seeing some hidden bills or financial matters as messenger Mercury meets with Pluto, the planet of secrets. You are able to understand the deep inner workings of your financial reality and how it’s being controlled by other people. The mental atmosphere lightens up as your planetary ruler Mercury enters fellow air sign Aquarius. You’re now able to think about different things you want to learn, and have questions to explore! This is also a time to contact tax advisors and people to help you with bureaucratic paperwork and foreign affairs. Misunderstandings or things that were lost in translation are clarified as the sun connects with Neptune. Important paperwork is being signed and delivered as Mercury meets with Saturn, the planet of commitments.


You’re learning about other people’s insecurities as Mercury, the planet of communication, meets with power planet Pluto and Saturn. Get to know your partners on a deeper, subterranean level! You are learning what motivates them and what they feel as though they’re lacking. You can tap into some healing vibes as the sun gently connects with Neptune, encouraging you to help people selflessly. You can use a connection to something religious or spiritual to smooth things over in your relationships. Venus, the planet of love, enters your house of partnerships and you’re able to attract a dynamic that suits you well or aligns with your interpersonal values.


There has been a strong urge to learn more, expand your horizons, and try new things as Mars, the planet of action, has been in your house of higher learning and spirituality since summer 2020. Now there’s a change of pace as Mars enters your house of fame and career, finding you asserting yourself in the public sector over the coming weeks. You’re ready to confront authorities and make headway in your public life. You’re thinking more about your partners, romantic and otherwise, as messenger Mercury enters Aquarius. Be conscious of your team and who you want to take on new projects with—you can make really good choices now! Mercury meets with Saturn, and you’re making a lasting commitment or promise to someone.


You’re thinking deeply about your own compulsions and how you source your self-esteem as your planetary ruler Mercury meets power planet Pluto. This is the perfect time to have a long, hard think about why you chase after certain romantic dynamics, or to consider your insecurities in your friendships and creative pursuits. Mercury changes signs, entering your house of worth and health. This is where you can thrive: getting into a routine, thinking about the best way to break down a giant task into its smaller working parts. This can be overwhelming, and there are roadblocks along the way, but thinking about things only in terms of perfection must not stop you from making an attempt! As Mercury meets Saturn, celebrate flaws in things that make them unique rather than using it as an excuse to not make a move.


For Libras, winter is a time to connect with your family and where you come from. You can get a deeper understanding of your own psychology and compulsions as cerebral Mercury meets Pluto, the planet of all things hidden. You’re reading very deeply into family dynamics and things from your past. Things are more pleasant around these topics as your planetary ruler Venus enters your domestic sector. You are finding more pleasure in your Martha Stewart-esque pursuits. You can clear the air about any misunderstandings around your health or productivity as the sun connects with Neptune—ask a question! Boundaries are being drawn in your social life as messenger Mercury meets serious Saturn. You' are asking for commitment or drawing a line in the sand.


Your planetary ruler, warrior Mars, has been in the same sign since June 2020. That’s almost six months of the same focus, the same fights, the same frustrations. It changes signs, entering your house of partnerships. All relationships are going to get more confrontational, since you’ve just spent so much time laying the groundwork to finally commit as Mars was moving through your house of work and routine. You’re also getting more information about your home and family life as communication planet Mercury enters your domestic sector. There can be a disagreement between your roommates or family and your partners (romantic or otherwise) as Mercury clashes with fiery Mars. People are jumping to conclusions and trying to fight for the right answer.


You’re focused on your money as Capricorn season continues, lighting up your house of personal resources and finances. The sun connects with Neptune, which can find you slowly accumulating money, or dissolving it just as easily! Be wise about whatever you’re putting your efforts into right now. When Neptune is involved, things that look good and trendy can just be a mirage. This is a time to consult with someone about the best course of action. It’s wise to get a second opinion before swiping your card. You’re going to be attracting beautiful things as Venus moves into Capricorn as well. You have expensive taste and you’re trying to figure out who and what can support your spending habits, especially as Mercury meets power planet Pluto.


You are really ruthless and reckless with your word choice as Mercury, the planet of communication, meets power planet Pluto! You are ready to assert yourself in any way. Think about your own need for power and how you can share the platform with other people, too—this will only make you more influential! The planet of love and beauty, Venus, enters your sign, and you’ll be thinking about how to act with grace and style. You may be more selfless or even have a martyrdom complex as the sun connects with transcendental Neptune. This is great for creative inspiration and cal also help you smooth things over verbally. This is especially helpful as Mercury clashes with Mars, stirring up drama in your relationships. The sex is good as Venus harmonizes with Mars.


You’ve had a one track mind as the planet of action, Mars, has been in your house of communication since mid-June. This has been a long and frustrating saga, and it’s time for some new energy! Mars enters your house of home and family, and you’re confronting domestic issues with patience and attention. Things are moving slow, but at least they’re moving! You are ready to express everything on your mind as communication planet Mercury enters your sign, sharpening your wits. You are addressing things at home very swiftly, and possibly impulsively, as Mercury clashes with Mars. Try to think things over before making a rushed decision. The planet of love, Venus, harmonizes with Mars, and private and personal matters are cared for with ease. Be gentle with yourself and try to think happy thoughts as Mercury meets somber Saturn.


Capricorn season is a time when you are connecting with your community near and far. Your friends take great importance and this is even more pronounced during winter time. Your social media is also really active right now. There’s a lot of space for you to forgive and heal your friends as the sun gently connects with your planetary ruler, Neptune. Be aware of who you surround yourself with as the veil is thinning—you’re much more sensitive to what other people are saying and doing. You know which friends drag you down and which ones make you feel good—try to minimize your interactions with the ones who bring you down right now, or at least be aware of your own boundaries. You’re ready to say no and spend some time alone, too, as Mercury, the planet of the mind, enters a very quiet sector of your chart.

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