Viral Pink Sauce Comes With Lengthy Terms and Conditions

An email sent to Pink Sauce customers introduces new terms and conditions for the condiment, and also cites possible delays in delivery.
Viral Pink Sauce Comes With Lengthy Terms and Conditions
Screenshot: TikTok/@chef.pii

Pink Sauce deliveries will be delayed because its creator is taking time to address all the “allegations and claims” against it and ensure customers' safety, says an email sent to all Pink Sauce customers yesterday afternoon, which also lists the sauce’s (new!) lengthy terms and conditions. 

A graphic at the top of the email (subject line: "URGENT UPDATE ! !") reads, “Dear Pink Sauce Supporters, we are working to overcome all issues. With the surrounding allegations and claims against the Pink Sauce, we want to take the time to ensure each customers safety. We are working, meticulously, to ensure we have no further delays in shipment.” 

The graphic from Chef Pii's Pink Sauce email.

The graphic from Chef Pii's Pink Sauce email.

The now-infamous Pink Sauce is a condiment sold by Chef Pii, a Miami-based private chef, on TikTok. It first went viral in late June, and since then, she launched a website that sells the 444-gram (an "angel number") bottles of sauce for $20 each. The Internet has had a field day with it. There’s no taste consensus, and the color appears to change with every batch. People claim to have gotten sick from the sauce. One guy even faked his death because of it and later apologized.

In the body text of the email, Chef Pii says that she is collaborating with the FDA and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), and says the sauce was “waiting on official approval by Wednesday JULY 27th 2022.” She also said the packaging would be getting a facelift for “preciseness.” 

Some people have complained that the packaging was faulty and possibly exploded during shipping, and that the ingredient and nutrition labels were misspelled, appeared inaccurate, and would peel easily. 

Chef Pii wrote that she was thankful for the overnight success of her product, but asked her customers to be patient with her. 

“As a small business owner, Mother, and Private Chef, and Creator, it is imperative to inform my Consumers about every step of this process and growth is open to providing necessary adjustments to any and every Consumer dispute, damages or product inquiry,” the email said. 


The email is also very clear that Pink Sauce contains no raw garlic—an ingredient that could cause botulism if improperly stored—which Chef Pii also told Motherboard in an interview on Tuesday. “Lastly, our Pink Sauce does not contain 'Raw Garlic'; we will continue to make an effort on our part for errors and miscommunications,” the email states. "We will not respond to negativity, false reports and claims."

However, as some people on Twitter and Reddit have pointed out, one of Chef Pii’s own videos shows her blending what looks to be raw garlic and oil as part of the Pink Sauce process. 

The sauce also now comes with "TERMS AND CONDITIONS," as though it were a new gadget. The terms and conditions stated in the email confirm that Pink sauce is supposed to be “refrigerated after usage” (emphasis Pii's), a point which Chef Pii had not been as clear on in the past. 

“Once the seal is willingly opened on the bottle, it is considered yours and we can not offer any exchange/refund,” the terms continue. “Please understand you are purchasing with free will and FLAVOR CRAZY INC does not indulge in the intention of promoting inadequate products.” (Flavor Crazy is Chef Pii’s restaurant, located in Miami, FL.) 

“FLAVOR CRAZY INC will not respond to negative messages reference to the owner nor other consumers," the terms state. "Furthermore, do not post or transmit any unlawful, threatening, libelous defamatory, obsecene, pornographic, indecent or profane material, or any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense or violate any law or regulation.”

Chef Pii did not immediately respond to our request for comment.