Shirtless Dad Interrupts 'Counter-Strike' Tournament

Are ya winning, son?
May 24, 2021, 8:27pm
Are you winning son?

Parents just don’t understand. No one likes to be interrupted when they’re gaming, especially if it’s a competitive online game you can’t pause. It’s worse if you’re streaming to thousands of viewers and your dad barges into your room shirtless with a plate of food while you’re competing for a chance to win $50,000. That’s what happened to Gabe “Spongey” Greiner during a recent CS: GO tournament match on May 23.

Spongey is a member of the team Bad News Bears. They were playing against Extremum in a lower bracket match for cs_summet 8, a regional ranking event that’s part of the CS: GO tournament scene. Esports has always allowed for some qualifying matches to be played from home, but that's been more common since COVID-19. Arguably what we have here is just another type of Zoom mishap

The camera flipped to Spongey just as he was about to make a kill. As it did, a shirtless man with dad-bod energy walked into the room with a plate of food. “Everything gets a little bit weird there,” one of the commentators said.

“Might be seeing a quick little time out here,” another commentator said as the shirtless man set the plate of food on Spongey’s bed. 

I assume that Spongey is a little embarrassed, but Spongey if you're reading this: don't be. This is like the "are ya winning, son?" meme, only that it's real, and very sweet.

Sadly, Spongey didn’t win. Extremum shut out Bad News Bears, defeating them 2-0.