Ukrainian Developer Frogwares Delays Xbox One ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Due to War

The PS4 version will still be released, while Xbox One pre-orders can be refunded.
A screen shot from Sherlock Holms: Chapter One
Screen shot courtesy of Frogwares

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One has been delayed “indefinitely” as a result of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian-based developer Frogware announced today.

“To say that the war made an impact on us is probably the understatement of the decade,” said the developer, whose headquarters is located in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, in a statement. “Keeping our personal and mental situation out of this, the war impacted us from a production point of view heavily.”


Frogwares is a developer mostly known for producing lavish adventure games like Sherlock Holmes and The Sinking City. It was involved in a very messy legal situation with The Sinking City, prompting the game to appear, disappear, and reappear on places like Steam.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One launched on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 last year, with plans for the older consoles to receive a version of the game in 2022. The PlayStation 4 version will still come out, but Frogware said the Xbox One version has been canceled for the time being.

“To say we’re not happy about this is putting it subtly,” said the developer. “We want to see our games on as many platforms as possible. We see that there are a lot of you waiting for the Xbox One version. We’re also disappointed because we’ve invested time and money in this version which is put on hold indefinitely. It’s also money lost from potential future income which is important for an independent studio like us.”

Anyone who’s already pre-ordered the game on Xbox One can request a refund.

“Thank you all for your kind words and support,” continued the statement. “The fact that many of you even offered us a place to stay in your homes is beyond ‘wow.’”

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