This Man Has Been Receiving Pizzas He Didn’t Order for Almost a Decade

Once, he even got 14 pizzas in one delivery.
For illustrative purposes only. Photo: Thomas Peham, courtesy of Unsplash

Surprise food deliveries are usually a good thing, especially when it’s a big box of cheesy pizza. But this man has had enough of it, saying that he has been getting boxes of pies he did not order for the past nine years.

Jean Van Landeghem, 65, initially thought customers just accidentally provided the wrong address. But after delivery guys kept showing up outside his home in Turnhout, Belgium, he started to believe that there was more going on.


“I cannot sleep anymore. I start shaking every time I hear a scooter on the street,” Van Landeghem told Het Laatste Nieuws.

He said that apart from pizza, he has also received unwanted deliveries of kebab and pita, among others.

Once, in January 2019, 10 different delivery men showed up to his house, one with 14 pizzas on hand.

Van Landeghem doesn’t actually pay for the food, returning them to the restaurants instead, but he said that whatever is going is annoying to him and rude to the establishments.

But the story gets even stranger.

Van Landeghem's friend, who lives about 32 kilometres away, has reportedly also been receiving mystery pizza deliveries. Sometimes, they get them on the same day and warn each other to expect a delivery.

“I cannot deal with this anymore,” Van Landeghem said. “When I find out whoever has been bothering me for the past nine years, it will not be their best day.”

Van Landeghem, his friend, and local authorities believe that the mystery pizza buyer is someone the two friends already know.

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