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Let the New NxWorries Track "Get Bigger" Coast Through Your Sensory Organs

Yes, all of them.

It's still cool that among the many hats Anderson .Paak wears, he seems to have the most fun in his crate-digging soul NxWorries project with Knxwledge. The two are still gearing up for their sprawling debut album, the incredibly titled YES LAWD! , which is out this month. Their new single "Get Bigger" is another knockout in the "smooth" category, though it's not so much a knockout as it is velvet drapes being caressed. With its hypnotic, Dilla-ish sample loop from Knxwledge  and .Paak's oddball loverman showmanship, (he calls his dong his "constituent" at one point) "Get Bigger" doesn't deserve such violently hyperbolic praise and instead should be sipped, sniffed, lathered in… basically sensed everywhere on your body. Do all that to "Get Bigger" below.


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