Brawny Bay Area Punks Fatigue Just Released an Aggro New Track

Taken from a forthcoming EP, "Pathetic People" packs the perfect punch of UK oi and angry US hardcore.
December 6, 2016, 8:05am

Fatigue are probably not the first punk band to release a record called Scab, but the Bay Area five-piece - that features members of Sydney Ducks, Scalped and Young Offenders- dig deep into classic burly and surly classic sounds. "Pathetic People", a track from their forthcoming Scab EP on Warthog Speak, drives into your head like a golf ball teed off from 15-metres away.

The vocals of Carl Cordova, who also plays in Sydney Ducks - named after a gang of Australian criminal immigrants who went off tap during the Californian Gold Rush -  have an amazing aggro vibe, and like London's Crown Court mix the right amount of UK oi and early US hardcore.

This is pacey and on-edge punk that brims with attitude but not arrogance. Get it.

'Scab' will be available early 2017 through Warthog Speak. 

Image: Bandcamp

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