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Evil Clowns Are Now Terrorizing Children in Both Carolinas

It appears that the creepy clowns trying—and failing—to lure kids into the woods in South Carolina have cut their losses and moved up north.
Photo via Flickr user Colin Henderson

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It seems like the creepy-ass clowns in South Carolina trying—and failing—to lure kids into the woods have cut their losses and moved up north after people reported encountering very similar clowns in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, WZZM reports.

Some neighborhood kids in Winston-Salem were playing near a forested area Monday night when they reportedly heard a man calling out to them and offering them candy. Two of the kids later said that the man was dressed in white overalls, red oversize shoes, and had a white face, red fluffy hair, and a red nose—an eerily similar description to that of the clown sightings in South Carolina, although this one wasn't swinging a chain or offering cash bribes.

The kids were, again, not enticed by the clown's advances, and instead ran back home to tell an adult who later called the police. Later that night, police fielded another call reporting a clown sighting at around 12:30 AM in the area and decided they should increase their security presence.

That apparently didn't work, though, because Tuesday morning a man reported seeing another clown—this time dressed in a yellow polka-dotted shirt, a mask, blue pants, and curly hair outside his apartment complex in Greensboro. According to the News & Record, the man then decided to take matters into his own hands and chase the creepy bozo with a machete before the clown disappeared back into the forest.

It's not clear if each sighting was the same clown, but it looks like North Carolina is now dealing with its own circus nightmare and police will need to step up if they want to prevent a child from living out some terrifying It nightmare.

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