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OthaSoul Member Louis VI Steps Out With "Freeparking"

This is some deep-ass shit.
September 19, 2016, 11:47am

​As a member of OthaSou​l, Louis VI has released the sort of energy-infused rap that lead to the group supporting the iconic Slum Village at London's Jazz Cafe. Now, with "Freeparking" and the upcoming EP, Lonely Road of the Dreamer​, ​he's expanding on those roots and delving into deeper territory.

With hints of Isaiah Rashad and the bubbling lilts of Thundercat, "Freeparking" tonally sits in the new school of progressive hip-hop. But it's also deeper than its sound: touching on identity (as a young mixed-race man in London)​, depression, and the climate crisis. So, come, dive on in and listen…