Guitar Moves with Lemmy Kilmister


This story is over 5 years old.

Guitar Moves with Lemmy Kilmister

One of the final interviews with Motörhead's late, great Lemmy Kilmister. Legend.

​Matt Sweeney sits down with Motörhead's late, great Lemmy Kilmister at the icon's favorite LA haunt, the Rainbow Bar & Grill, for one of the British legend's final video interviews. Lemmy lived and breathed rock 'n' roll, but as his impact and influence on the genre and all of its wild offshoots—heavy metal, punk, rockabilly—makes clear, his legacy goes deeper than that; Lemmy WAS rock 'n' roll, and a huge part of that was his never-say-die attitude and peerless musicianship. Ever the gentleman, Lemmy sat down over a drink and a game of video poker to speak on his love for the the signature Rickenbacker bass guitar, auditioning for Hawkwind, his mother's love for lap-steel, and how seeing the Beatles for the first time changed his life—and by extension, changed rock'n'roll forever.


​Photo by ​Atiba Jefferson