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Watch YG and Fans Beat Up a Donald Trump Piñata Onstage

He then of course performs his track “FDT”.

YG​ has made no point in hiding his disdain for Donald Trump. There's his political anthem "FDT" for starters. It stands for 'Fuck Donald Trump'. He's even named his current tour the 'Fuck Donald Trump Tour'.

The Compton rapper took his loathing of the Republican presidential candidate up a level at a San Diego show when he invited fans on stage to beat a piñata in the shape of Trump. YG follows up with yelling Fuck Donald Trump," and then launches into his song of the same name from his album Still Brazy.

YG has previously said​the Secret Service was investigating him after he released the track. His file may have gotten a little bigger.

Watch a video captured by a fan at the show.