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Hinds’ Cover of Los Nastys’ “Holograma” Is How I Want Halloween to Sound

The deluxe version of Leave Me Alone is out now and it’s real good.

Hinds' January album Leave Me Alone is, as we've said before​, a metric shitload of fun, a loosely-fitting, cheap wine-swigging, gloriously messy chunk of garage pop that should absolutely be considered as one of this year's best debuts. And today, the Madrid four-piece are releasing the deluxe edition of the album with a bunch of demos and covers onside.

One of those covers is "Holograma," originally performed by fellow Spanish indie bosses Los Nastys, and you can listen to it below. It's a track that Hinds have played before and one that's all caught up in their backstory. Here​, for example, is an acoustic version of the track they put as DEERS back in 2013. But the Leave Me Alone Deluxe version is sweatier and shadier than the original while remaining more immediately inviting. It's also a rare opportunity for Hinds to sing in Spanish. This is how I want Halloween to sound, though I will likely end up at a shitty party​ instead.

Check out "Holograma" below and go see them on tour​, too. They're in New York tonight.

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