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Big Narstie on STDs and the Furry Temptress

We were going to put another quote here, but lets just say Big Narstie would like to promote safe sex.

A little over a year ago we released what has come to be known as Noisey's magnum opus: a film about Big Narstie, where he remains shirtless for a vast percentage of screen time, at Fresh Island festival in Croatia. If you haven't seen it, it is a work of art; Narstie rides on a jet-ski, catches some rays by the pool, at one point we strap a camera to his head and watch as he tumbles, free-falling from a bungee jumping platform.


This year we decided to recapture the magic. Well, not exactly the​ magic – lightning doesn't strike twice. Instead we decided to head to this year's Fresh Island to ask Big Narstie to respond to YouTube comments on last year's video​ in the latest episode of our The People Vs… series. As you can see from the headline above, there is some talk of chlamydia​ so please leave this page if you can't handle such discussions. We're also releasing this today to celebrate Big Narstie's Base Invaders​, a new video game that involves lots of spliff and running away from the police. Warrior!

Watch below:

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