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Kavale’s New ‘Carpe Diem’ Album Takes Toronto R&B to Eloquent New Heights

“I even do good on my worst day.”

Toronto's Kavale released a new album called Carpe Diem. Available on iTunes and Spotify, the ten-track project is an amped up declaration: Kavale is an artist to watch. He shows his versatility as a producer (with help from Arion Knight) and emcee on the epic track "Nights Like This" and painful love song "Paint the Sky."  With additional production by Julius, Derrick Ingram and Pierre-Alain and features from TreyForever and KTLN, Carpe Diem  has a sophisticated polish. "I even do good on my worst day,"  Kavale boasts on "Need Somethin." In "West Drive," a reggae-inspired ballad, he softens, saying, "That's my uptown girl from the west side" and "Not the type to compliment, but in this case, I got it for you."


"This project was about closing a chapter in my life," Kavale said about Carpe Diem. "Inspired by good and bad moments, I used the music as an outlet to tell just a part of my story." Stream  Carpe Diem​below.

​Devin​ Pacholik is a Canadian writer. He's on Twitter.