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Inside Out

Do you ever wonder what it's like to be a pervy TSA agent, just scanning through endless bodies all day long? Or to have the ultimate clichéd superpower of X-ray vision? Well, it's time for a big reveal.

La Senza tights, vintage shoes, Ann Summers whip

Stylist: Kylie Griffiths, Props: Marisha Green

Topman top and pants, vintage briefcase

Nordic Poetry jacket and top, vintage pants and jewelry

Gap jacket, Rokit skirt and scarf, vintage shoes and cane, Clone Zone gimp mask

Motel top, Calvin Klein jeans, vintage thong and earrings, American Apparel backpack, vintage sunglasses, Ann Summers dildo, Non-Stop Party Shop pen


Topman pants, Vans shoes, Creature skateboard

Vintage sweater, Topman shirt, American Apparel pants, Claire’s suspenders, vintage glasses, Muji pencil case

Vintage jacket, Primark backpack, vintage glasses