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Cameron Gray Wants You to Embrace 'Gymnasty' at His Gallery Opening Tonight

It's an art show that preaches "self-help advice and encouragement dispensed with a heavy dose of nihilistic pragmatism."
October 30, 2014, 12:00am

'You Are Happy and Fulfilled' by Cameron Gray. Image courtesy of Mike Weiss Gallery

"Do you strive to open your heart to receive miracles and improve yourself? Do you feel there is a solution to every problem? Do you accept yourself even though you make mistakes? Do you feel like everything happens for a reason?"

If your response to any of the above was to turn on some New Age bangers, crack open a crisp Kombucha, and shout a blood-curdling YES!, then artist Cameron Gray should be your guiding light.


Opening tonight at Mike Weiss Gallery in Manhattan, Gray's Gymansty is an art show that preaches "self-help advice and encouragement dispensed with a heavy dose of nihilistic pragmatism" through performance, video, and sculpture. Accompanied by art duo and longtime VICE friends Mike and Claire-who created a workout tape-cum-psychedelic freakout for the exhibition-the opening will also include a live spectacle that will bring Gray's conceived spiritual system into the real world, proselytizing to the masses in the process.

"Spiritual growth and self-help are impossible or at least more difficult in a media-saturated culture," says Gray. "The show will attempt to create feelings of disassociation and emptiness- which (for me) are the new sublime, foregrounding the zen-like transcendence and beauty of empty ideas and shallow reflections."

In other words, there's going to be a lot of bodybuilders involved. See you tonight at 520 W 24th Street, New York. For more details, visit Mike Weiss Gallery's website.

'Gymnasty's Guide to FitnASS 2.' Image courtesy of Mike Weiss Gallery