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A Fist in the Face of God Presents... Time to Kill Your God

A mix from Rio metal overlord Victor Whipstriker.

So there I was, racking my brain for a theme for my latest radio show, when I got an email from my Brazilian metal brother Victor Whipstriker. Victor was merely sharing a track from his upcoming LP Troopers of Mayhem with me, but it got me to thinking, 'Hey, couldn't this guy just whip out a pretty serious Brazilian mix and pull me out of this cyclical chasm of what to play on my next show?' So I asked him and he sent me a list of tracks back within the hour.


In case you missed my interview with him some time ago, Victor was a professional footballer until dropping out of the sport, growing his hair, getting a bunch tattoos, taking up an interest in drugs and alcohol and starting a metal band. He now fronts the excellent metalpunk band Whipstriker, plays bass for thrash band Atomic Roar, gigs with a bunch of other killer bands and seems to be releasing new EPs every time I speak to him. Basically, the guy is fast becoming a Rio metal legend, and you'll realise exactly why once you've listened to his mix.

So, instead of reading me rabbit on too much, here – straight from War Town, Brazil – is Victor's mix. Enjoy. (Also, check out this "report" from the recording of his new record.)


1. Sepultura "Escape to the Void" (1987)
2. Sarcófago "Satanic Lust" (1987)
3. Ratos De Porão "Crucificados pelo Sistema" (1984)
4. Dorsal Atlântica "HTLV-3" (1986)
5. Holocausto "Campo de Extermínio" (1987)
6. Vulcano "Witches Sabbath" (1984)
7. Mutilator "Evil Conspiracy" (1986)
8. Nocturnal Worshipper "Cold Mist of Funeral Empire" (2001)
9. Besthöven "Life in Hell" (2004)
10. Taurus "Mundo em Alerta" (1986)

11. Power From Hell "The True Metal" (2004)
12. Apokalyptic Raids "The Atheist" (2003)
13. Grave Desecrator "Black Vengeance" (2010)
14. Flageladör "Cruzada ao Lado de Satã" (2006)
15. Beast Conjurator "Torment in Darkness" (2013)
16. Violator "Futurephobia" (2010)
17. Nuclëar Fröst "Dark Bomb Metal Punk Squad" (2010)
18. Defy "Parem a Vivissecção" (2010)
19. Demonthor "Miss on the Altar" (2002)
20. Infamous Glory "Night Hunger" (2013)


A Fist in the Face of God Presents… Time to Kill Your God by Noisey

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