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A Fist in the Face of God Presents... Full Speed Ahead Vol. III

A mixtape of ear-pummelling speed metal to kickstart your new year.

You know, with every year that passes, the 1980s get further away. Luckily for me, missing the 20th century is almost a worldwide hobby these days, and what better way to roll back some musical years than by blasting your ears with the shrieking sounds of 1980s speed metal.

It was on this year's first day, as I cursed the awakening of yet another year further from metal's golden age, when I got an email from my buddy Theodor "Hades", informing me of his latest mixtape, this time featuring tracks picked by Olof of the Swedish speed metal band Enforcer. And boy, did they do good, even throwing in a good few tracks from bands I'd never heard of before. Over to them:


A few words from Hades:

For the new Full Speed Ahead compilation I asked my pal Olof Wikstrand of the band Enforcer to join me in selecting half of the tracks, because we both worship this genre and I knew he'd pick some kickass tunes. I'm totally satisfied with the result, and I'm sure it's going to interest anyone who likes fast 'n' wild heavy metal, so play it loud and bang your skulls!

And from Olof:

Hades asked me if I wanted to join him for the next Full Speed Ahead compilation, so of course I immersed myself right into it and collected a bunch of my favourite tracks of both well known and some more unknown bands. Speed metal is, in my opinion, the ultimate metal genre, being the most aggressive, passionate, heavy and serious. The energy level is higher than any of the modern shit and contains everything I could possibly ask for. Enjoy!


01: Powerlord (USA) - "The Invasion of the Lords" (The Awakening / 1986)
02: Mad Max (GER) - "Shout and Cry" (Rollin' Thunder / 1984)
03: Fingernails (ITA) - "Just Like You Want" (Hell 'n' Back Compilation / 2006)
04: Lizzy Borden (USA) - "Godiva" (Love You to Pieces / 1985)
05: Randy (DNK) - "The Beast" (Shadows Are Falling / 1986)
06: Znöwhite (USA) - "All Hail to Thee" (All Hail To Thee / 1985)
07: Acero Letal (CHL) - "Por La Gloria Del Metal" (Por La Gloria Del Metal / 2009)
08: Blind Guardian (GER) - "Trial By the Archon - Wizard's Crown" (Battalions Of Fear / 1988)
09: Van Halen (USA) - "Hot for Teacher" (Hot For Teacher Single / 1984)
10: Death Dealer (CAN) - "Cross My Way" (Metal Massacre 4 / 1983)
11: Impulse (BG) - "Gladiator" (Gladiator / 1989)
12: Kratos (USA) - "Iron Beast" (Iron Beast / 1985)
13: Terminal (SWE) - "Satanski Narocila" (Satanski Narocila-Crna smrt / 2015)



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