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Someone Turned the Presidential Debate into an Episode of 'Arrested Development'

And made Ron Howard the fact-checker.

For those people who already feel like this entire election has just been one big huge mistake and can't understand how a former reality TV star ended up running against… her? You're not alone.

Youtube hero NeverCaesar recently spliced together a video that turned the first presidential debate into just another joke-infested episode of Arrested Development and let the show's narrator, Ron Howard, do the fact-checking, using original audio from the sitcom.

Rather than have to follow a boring set of facts rolling across the screen as the two candidates scream at each other, Trump-rested Development holds up Trump's denials during the debate next to his past comments saying the opposite, paring down the debate into one easily digestible (and factually correct) short.

Even Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz gave the video a shout-out, tweeting Wednesday, "A sneak preview of Arrested Development Season 5: Thank you NeverCaesar!"

Although Gene Parmesan doesn't reveal himself to really just be hiding out as Trump in disguise this entire time, the video does make a callback to the elusive Mr. F, so that's something.

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