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Deadly New Jersey Train Crash Leaves Roughly 100 Injured

Officials say scores were injured and at least person died after a train failed to stop at the Hoboken's station.

— Leon O (@monduras)September 29, 2016

A passenger train en route from Spring Valley, New Jersey, slammed into Hoboken's station during rush hour this morning around 8:45 AM, causing roughly 100 injuries and at least one death, according to local media.

Witnesses suggest the packed No. 1614 Pascack Valley Line train did not stop when it approached the station, crashing at or near full force and causing the roof of the station's structure to collapse onto the first car of the train.

Nancy Bido, a passenger in the first car of the train, told an NBC affiliate that the train "just felt like it never stopped. It didn't slow down. It didn't brake."

That NBC affiliate has also reported that one person died on the scene, and two others died in the hospital, although an official number hasn't yet been released.

Police are initially investigating the crash as an accident, one possibly caused by an engineer error. The station is said to be NJ Transit's fifth busiest, and all PATH service in Hoboken has been halted.