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Want to Be Rich? Edmonton Rapper Moto’s Video “Million” Is For You

How does one say $9,500 million and not sound like an idiot? Moto knows.
August 29, 2016, 2:10pm

Photo via YouTube

If you’re going to follow a dream, make sure it’s grand. If you want to be wealthy, don’t just aim for a million, go for a billion. If want to be famous, don’t be Mac Miller, be literally anyone else more famous. Moto’s new video for “Million” is about chasing those big dreams. The 17-years-old, Edmonton-based rapper spits about stacking money Bill-Gates high. Mayne Champange produced the danceable track, which director Caleb Compton Ford capitalized on with a video choreographed by Abbygale Chung. Moto takes centre stage and says his “name gonna hang like planes” and he wants “$9,500 mil.” That’s $9.5 billion, almost enough to clear Kanye’s old debt.

Moto talked to us about the video, saying, “‘Million’ is a song I wrote with the intention of it being the anthem of every dream chaser that wants to strive for more than the average life. What has inspired me to write ‘Million’ was when I was thinking of my future and trying to decide what kind of career I’d like to pursue.” Watch “Million” below.

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