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March 10, 2009, 7:04am

Unlike turning the big six-oh as a human being (which we imagine must be something of a bummer), hitting your 60th year as a shoe brand is cool and renders you content in the knowledge that people have chosen to decorate their feet with you for six decades.

We threw a big house party to mark the occasion but when we couldn't find a house large enough, we decided to turn a Sydney warehouse into a house and do it there. We built hallways and bedrooms and kitchens and lounge rooms and filled bathtubs with beer and had pizza delivered all night and made a gigantic blue cake, which was eventually destroyed and thrown on the dance floor. Basically, it had all the elements of a rad house party without any of the negatives like cigarettes in your bed, angry neighbours or confiscated bonds.

Thanks to Budweiser for the beer, 42 Below for the vodka and A Bottle Of for the ever necessary water.

You can see more pictures from the night on the Vice Photoblog.

And watch a slow motion video of the night below.