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Seems there's something about humans fucking in captivity that really gets The Daily Mail's blood up. They're reporting today that Giselle Woodford has resigned from her post at HMP Onley in Warwickshire after being accused of screwing Jonathan Forrest, a 21-year-old "gang leader." In itself, it's not that interesting, but Woodford's resignation makes her the fifth female "screw" to resign from Onley after accusations of fucking since 2004. We found a former inmate on Onley's B-Wing who told us what life was like in England's foremost sex prison.


Vice: Did you see anything like that when you were there?
Anonymous former lag: Yeah, yeah, of course. It was happening all the time. Two or three times a week it would happen with each girl.

How did it happen?
Obviously, the guards are female and when the man comes in, if they take a liking to 'em, they'll put them in enhanced. There are three prison levels: basic, standard and enhanced - and they'll put them in enhanced, which is the one with most privileges. And yeah… the girls would be in and out of the cells all the time. I've actually seen a male officer catch an inmate with a female officer in his cell. That's how it goes, do you know what I mean? Just because a female is an officer in a jail, it don't make her change. If you like someone, you like someone.

So it happens a lot then? It's widespread?
Yeah, it happens all the time. There were two or three screws there just on the payroll, people bringing in fucking drugs. It all happens.

So that's not all just bullshit made up by people in TV?
Nah! It's going on all over the place.

Giselle Woodford

Do you remember Giselle Woodford?

What was she like?
How can I say this? She was flirty. Very flirty.

Just with Jonathan Forrest, or with a few different people?
With a few different people, yeah.

How often would it happen? Every night?
Not every night. Twice a week.

Did you get much action in jail?

Would the prisoners talk about it amongst themselves?
I remember two of the guys who were doing it were both on this same women. The same screw, yeah.


What was the atmosphere in Onley? Sounds quite sexually tense.
It was quite a laugh sometimes. When you're 18, 19 and you're in prison, you wanna get as much out of it as you can. If you can get sexual favors, then, you know…

Were there any specific favors they'd do? Full sex, oral?
Do you know what, I remember this screw, one time I caught her giving this guy a blow job. I'm not being dirty, but—I'm not being dirty, I don't know how else to put it—but this screw was a dirty little… well I don't wanna say, but she was a dirty little… do you know what I mean? I even know her name.

What was it?
Miss [blank] her name was.

Jonathan Forrest

What did she do when you caught her?
Basically, you have the geezer who runs the wing, and he could do anything. You get two or three of them who actually run the wing, the biggest guys. If you catch them and tell someone about it, they could go to prison for however long or the prison service will try to get them for rape. That's how they work in prison. You can't do anything about it even if you wanted to because they have the power to get you hated in prison.

How did she act when you caught her though?
It didn't really seem to bother her. She's got her boys there ain't she, you know what I mean?

What were you in for?
Burglary. I got three years and three months and ended up doing 14 months.

How are you doing now? Have you been back since?
I done a few years, yeah. Three or four. Nothing serious, just stupid stuff. I got into the wrong sort of things, you know?

How about now? I can hear kids in the background?
Yeah, nothing now. I'm not into all that crime nonsense.