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What's the Grossest Thing You Could Paint Your Face In?

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March 9, 2012, 9:55pm

While we at VICE Style struggle to bring you in-depth articles about prostitute-managed fashion labels in Sao Paulo, transvestites wearing bikinis made out of rats, Japanese kids who inject bagels into their faces, and photo shoots set among suburban tower blocks in Russia, deep down we know that, really, all you want is quick, 30-second hits of dumb, weird, funny fashion news. That's why we created Tidbits, our frequently updated aggregator of all the dumbest, weirdest, and funniest stuff we see, watch, hear, or read on the fashion part of the internet. Here are this week's best.


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A recently opened store in Germany has just had to change its name to Tønsberg, because its original name, Brevik, sounded far too much like the surname of the fascist, Norwegian child-killer Anders Breivik. Totally honest mistake, right? Sure, I mean the shop's clothing line, Thor Steinar, might be massively popular in Germany's far-right, neo-Nazi scene and the shop is located in Chemnitz, a city where a gang of neo-Nazi terrorists were based, but I'm certain that this was just a naive slip-up that nobody planned out. Oops, guys!


Remember we told you about the Chinese Nazi cosplay trend at the end of last year? Well, fascist fever has spread south to Thailand like some kind of rabid Bieber-mania, only with added disregard for people's feelings and possible violent political consequences. Locals cheered as teenage girls from Chiang Mai showed up to their school sports day wearing SS uniforms and fake Hitler mustaches last September and now a new range of Fuhrer-themed t-shirts are apparently the hot new thing to have among Bangkok teenagers.



Hey, reader, check it out – I've just found the most foolproof way of ruining your entire life! You're going to want to get yourself some tomato soup, heat that shit up, take a couple mouthfuls, then hit play and watch British artist Kimberley Emeny use her menstrual blood as lipstick and blusher. Pretty gross, huh? Guaranteed you'll remember this every time you eat something red and liquefied for the next ten years or so. Or, maybe Kim's point is that we're all too overly squeamish about this stuff—hey, it's nowhere near as bad as poop—and we definitely don't ever want to see anyone use that as eyeshadow.

Ari Seth Cohen, the guy behind the Advanced Style blog, is in the process of making a film about all the fantastically dressed older New Yorkers he documents on a daily basis. The trailer features loads of interviews and talking heads and much demonstrating of how stylish you can be when you're old enough to want to live life the way you, not other people, feel it should be. Of course, most people choose all-beige leisure suits and orthopedic shoes at this point, but who cares about them?


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