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Calling All Gays: Let's Boycott the Daily Mail

I know it has Femail and celebrity news, but it also has a deep-seated loathing for you.

I know the Daily Mail's homophobia is nothing new and this should be a total no-brainer, but gays, you are NOT allowed to read the Daily Mail. I bring this up now because you keep fucking linking me to their website, which is weird, because that front cover up there is from last weekend.

I get it: they have good celebrity coverage, and that little sidebar is impossible to stop clicking. But the Daily Mail HATES you, and they're actively trying to harm you. So this needs to stop. I'm sorry, but you're just gonna have to go somewhere else to find out if the Kardashians found their lost dog yet (spoiler: they didn't, it's dead).


If there's any doubt in your mind that you and the Daily Mail are not cool with each other, here is a list of times they've been homophobic in recent memory. Each item on the list is the article's headline, followed by the offending portion of the article. I've linked through to their site with each point as proof that they actually said it, but please don't click through. They are currently the most popular news site ON EARTH and obviously, with this being a boycott and all, we shouldn't really help them along with that.

Especially you Americans, who, if the reading habits of my gay friends from the US are anything to go by, are getting real thirsty for some of that shame and guilt the Mail are so happy to offer you.

#1) Christianity Under Attack: Anger As Major Court Rulings Go Against British Worshippers
The "attack" in the headline refers, in part, to two asshole B&B owners being denied the right to run a business that refuses to deal with gay customers.

2) Demoted for not Backing Gay Marriage: Housing Manager's Pay Slashed for Criticising New Law on Facebook

This is an article about a homophobe getting demoted in his job which falsely claims that: "The cruel persecution of homosexuals by the law was rightly ended more than 50 years ago," in an attempt to make gay people seem like petty bitches.

3) Outrage As Tesco Backs Gay Festival… but Drops Support for Cancer Charity Event

Post about Tesco's decision to sponsor London Pride. Refers to homosexuals as an "aggressive political organisation." And seriously, you're squaring gayness off against cancer now? I didn't realize either of those had recently achieved moral superiority over the other.


4) Yes, Gays Have Often Been the Victims of Prejudice. But They Now Risk Becoming the New McCarthyites

I wish I could tell you what this article is about, but I genuinely don't know. Something to do with forcing school children to have gay sex in geography lessons? IDK. It mentions how gays "attempt to brainwash children with propaganda" and describes a "ruthless campaign by the gay rights lobby to destroy the very ­concept of normal sexual behavior."

5) A Strange, Lonely and Troubling Death…

The infamous article by Jan Moir on Stephen Gately's death, in which she claims to have a better understanding of Stephen's death than the pathologist who did his post-mortem, on account of her qualifications as a homophobe.

#6) Samantha Cameron Won't Be Introducing Her Husband at the Tory Party Conference
A column from the always pleasent Ephraim Hardcastle. After describing a gay blogger as "overtly gay", the article asks: "isn't it charming how homosexuals rally like-minded chaps to their cause?"

7) Slurred by the Adoption Nazis: Critics of Gay Parenting Are Branded 'Retarded homophobes'

Faux-outrage over the use of the word "retarded" by the National Adoption Agency that turns into a rant about gay parenting. Calls the case of a gay couple being charged with sexual abuse of children "a setback to the cause of gay parenting". Like how the whole Fritzl thing was a setback to straight parenting.


8) What Is Normal when 'Mother' and 'Father' Become 'Parent 1' and 'Parent 2'?

Frequently uses "normal" to mean "straight" and "abnormal" to mean "gay". Calls the modification of UK passports to include gay parents: "a social atrocity approaching blasphemy."

9) Conservative UK: Almost Half of Britons Still Oppose Gay Marriage

Article about a five-year-old study which discovered that 45 percent of people agreed with the statement: "homosexual marriages should be allowed throughout Europe" is presented by the Daily Mail thusly: "Most people still oppose gay marriage and the adoption of children by same-sex couples, a Government report revealed yesterday."

10) Don't Forget, It Takes a Cynical Knave to Create a Dodgy Knight

From a portion of a post that talks about gay marriage: "the few dozen homosexuals who – bizarrely – wish to get married in churches. If they really do, let them, provided the law also lets heterosexuals marry in gay clubs". I'm with the Mail here. It's about time that they overturned that law that stops straight people renting out private venues for their weddings.

I'm sure there are hundreds and hundreds more that I've not included here, these are just the first ten I could think of. Hopefully it's enough to make my point. Feel free to add any additional instances in the comments below.

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