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The Westboro Baptist Church Is Trying to Meme Its Way Out of Gay Marriage

Haters gonna hate and Westboro Baptist Churches gonna Westboro Baptist Church, I suppose.
Photo via Flickr user Elvert Barnes.

Bigots are super pissed about today's Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage, which struck down same-sex marriage bans in 14 states and represents a positive step in the direction of equality throughout the nation. Regardless of the fact that their lives will not be affected by the Court's decision, the ruling has the internet's hate-o-sphere going relatively bonkers, with memes, threats to picket, and bad vibes ricocheting around the web like cash in a money blowing booth where all the bills hate gay people.


Some of those problematic memes are on Vine, a great app that allows people to create six-second movies that encapsulate the totality of human existence: joy, pain, love, and total weirdness. One of Vine's greatest strengths is that it lets anyone become a micro-film auteur. The downside to that is that even totally horrible humans like the members of the Westboro Baptist Church can become amateur auteurs.

The WBC maintains an active presence on social media, with various Twitter and Vine accounts dedicated to spewing its bile around the clock, leading to such quality content as:

Perhaps the most elaborate piece of WBC anti-gay marriage propaganda, however, is this cover of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me," performed by Westboro Baptist Church members, with all the lyrics rewritten to be about why God hates gay marriage.

On Twitter, meanwhile, the WBC is tweeting up a storm, posting various bits of multimedia in protest of the historic ruling.

Haters gonna hate and Westboro Baptist Churches gonna Westboro Baptist Church, I suppose.

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