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We Explore Pakistan's Polarizing Fashion World on the First Episode of 'STATES OF UNDRESS'

Watch the first episode of 'STATES OF UNDRESS,' where host Hailey Gates gets a taste of the vibrant fashion scene in one of the world's most volatile countries.

VICE's new 24-hour cable TV channel VICELAND launched on February 29, but we're still rolling out the first season of our new shows. Today we're excited to bring you the premiere of our new fashion and travel series, STATES OF UNDRESS, before it airs on the network on March 30.

The series follows host Hailey Gates as she explores fashion scenes from all over the world, addressing the issues that the industry often ignores and investigating what the rest of the world is wearing, and why.

On the first episode, Gates heads to Pakistan to explore the contrast between the vibrant colors and outfits of the small, but active fashion scene and the limited clothing options that women have in the more conservative areas of the country. She meets progressive designers at Karachi Fashion week, talks about women's role in today's society with a conservative imam, and meets the female victims of violent acid attacks who have been targeted for their fashion choices.

Watch the episode above and stay tuned for the series premiere March 30 on VICELAND. Until then, you can watch free episodes of shows like WEEDIQUETTE,BALLS DEEP, and GAYCATION online now.