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Meet the Young Palestinian Revolutionaries Rising Up in the West Bank on the Next Episode of 'VICE' on HBO

Check out the trailer for this Friday's upcoming episode airing March 25 at 11PM.

Watch the trailer for episode seven from the fourth season of our HBO show

This Friday, March 25, HBO will air a new episode from season four of our Emmy-winning show. Two weeks ago, we were on the front lines of the civil war in Yemen and also traveled across the United States where we witnessed massive prejudice and inequality directed toward the LGBT community. This week, we meet young people living in the tumultuous West Bank and explore the American-influenced underground culture in Cuba.

In our first segment, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin reports from Bethlehem, Hebron, Ramallah, and East Jerusalem, and meets the young Palestinians who are growing disillusioned with the government's response to the ongoing violence in the West Bank. Then, VICE heads to Cuba to explore how the influence of American pop culture, especially music, is helping to bridge the divide between the two countries, just in time for President Obama's historic visit.

Watch the trailer for Friday's episode, and keep an eye out for the rest of season four, airing every Friday night at 11 PM, exclusively on HBO. If you're desperately in need of moreVICE episodes to carry you through the week, you can watch our entire third season online now.