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Naked Man Crashes Through Ceiling, Proceeds to Completely Destroy Vacationing Family’s Home

How is it even possible for one naked man to inflict so much damage?
That's a lot of damage even for a fully dressed person. Still via Castanet.

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A 24-year-old man was arrested this weekend in West Kelowna, BC, after he was found naked and stuck in the air vent of a home he had broken into, rummaged through, and completely destroyed.

According to Castanet, Tara Stanley and her family were on their way to Vancouver (roughly a four-hour drive away from Kelowna) when she received word from their neighbors that the noise from their home was a little loud.


"I told her we weren't home, and that is when things got weird," she said.

The neighbors later found out that it wasn't Stanley's family making the racket, but an intruder who had somehow managed to break into the home via a vent on the roof of the house. He was found stuck in a vent and wrapped in insulation, somehow trying to warm himself with it.

"He took out the wires in the vent on the neighbor's side, and he totally took out the vent on my side, and came in through the roof. He started kicking in through the roof above every room in the house," said Stanley.

"He totaled my master bedroom, went into the closet, and every room. He didn't steal anything, but my bedroom was rummaged through."

The man appears to have stripped down while in the house, as Stanley notes that his underwear were left on top of her toilet.

Police later arrived and arrested the man before bringing him to hospital to assess injuries he had caused to himself while wrecking the home. The man was later released on a promise that he'll appear in court at a later date. Stanley is, obviously, pretty worried about the fact that he's back in the community.

"We got his name, and we searched him on Facebook. I recognize him from the neighborhood," Stanley said. "We are so confused and lost with what to do."

VICE has reached out to the RCMP regarding the case but has yet to hear back.

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