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Watch a Live Stream of Astronaut Scott Kelly Returning to Earth

Over the past year or so, Kelly has been up in space, snapping photos and drinking his own filtered pee and sweat. Now he's finally coming home, and we get to watch him do it.

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Over the past 340 days, astronaut Scott Kelly has been up in space, snapping photos, drinking his own filtered pee and sweat, and chasing crew members around in a gorilla costume.

On Tuesday, the NASA astronaut will finish up his duties on board the International Space Station, which began in March 2015, and head on home. His return to terra firma will be live streamed for the world to see, starting right now.

The whole process takes a while, since Kelly's up in outer space and all. He'll climb into the return capsule a few minutes before 4:30 with cosmonauts Mikhail Kornienko and Sergey Volkov, who are also headed back to Earth. The three of them will begin their trip back to Earth around 8 PM, and they plan to touch down in Kazakhstan by 11:30 if all goes well.

One of the aims of Kelly's extremely long mission was to see how seriously a year in space can mess up a human body. Once he gets back on solid ground, Kelly's flesh sack will be studied by NASA and compared to that of his twin brother to see if space has turned Kelly's bones to jelly or given him space madness or something.