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Catch the Season Finales of 'NOISEY' and 'WEEDIQUETTE' Tonight on VICELAND

Tonight on VICELAND, London's MCs show us the cultural movement behind the grime scene on 'NOISEY,' then we see how partial marijuana legalization works in different parts of the world on 'WEEDIQUETTE.'

Watch the trailer for 'NOISEY' in London, airing tonight on VICELAND

If you haven't already heard, we recently launched our very own TV channel called VICELAND, packed with shows that tell exciting stories from all over the world.

Tonight on the season finale of NOISEY—our first-hand look into some of the world's most compelling music subcultures—Zach Goldbaum investigates what's driving the grime scene in London. He meets MCs Jammer, Giggs, JME, and Skepta and to find out how they've gone about bringing their sound to the States.

Krishna Andavolu investigates partial weed legalization in Washington DC and Amsterdam in tonight's episode of WEEDIQUETTE.

Then on the season finale of WEEDIQUETTE, our exploration into today's pot paradigm, host Krishna Andavolu investigates how the partial legalization of marijuana has played out in Washington DC over the last year, and worked long-term in Amsterdam.

Don't miss the NOISEY finale tonight at 10PM, and the WEEDIQUETTE finale later at 11PM on VICELAND.