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Main Attrakionz Feat. Shady Blaze: "Green Ova to the Top"

Making you yearn to be passed out on a sun-lounger.
July 5, 2012, 11:00pm

The super laid back video for “Green Ova To The Top,” sees Shady Blaze hanging out with Main Attrakionz’ Mondre M.A.N, (Squadda B, is sadly absent, probs passed out on a sun-lounger somewhere.) The two bop around on a balcony while smoking kush and lazily swinging round 40oz bottles of liquor as they look out onto the sea. AKA, everything I wish I was doing right now; killing me here guys.

Anyway, the beat is also another home-run from Friendzone, and if it doesn't make you want a blunt, you're completely insane.