Pisces, June 2018
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Pisces, June 2018

It's Gemini season!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Welcome to Gemini season, Pisces! The first weekend of June will be pleasant and playful, thank goddess. Communication planet Mercury will make a proactive connection with warrior Mars on June 1, finding you feeling grounded, confident, and totally capable of getting what you want. Sweet Venus connects with lucky Jupiter on June 1, and then with dreamy Neptune on June 2—cute (especially since these are your two ruling planets)!


This will be a fantastic time for romance, so call your crush and arrange something fun. Neptune has a hard time keeping track of time, and Jupiter has quite a bit of stamina, so a marathon party or weekend-long hook-up is possible. Even if you’re not in the mood to be social or make out with anyone, you’ll still feel the highs of Venus’s connections to Jupiter and Neptune; you may find yourself eager to create art and to connect with your inner voice, exploring themes around self-love, self-worth, and spiritual connection.

Things will get tricky the following week. Venus will oppose the planet of the underworld, Pluto, on June 5, stirring up some very complicated emotions. You’ll realize that some relationships you thought were chill, easy, and casual are actually a lot more complicated… or that someone you thought you could trust is trying to pull some power moves. Whatever it is, the truth is that it’s been building up over time, but the insidious nature of Pluto means it may have been happening behind your back. This will be an intense time for your social life, love life, and creative endeavors. Watch out for jealousy, manipulation, and obsession.

During a rough time like this, it’s hard not to be paranoid, but it’s crucial that you stay smart, grounded, and practical. This may prove especially difficult because the planet of the mind and logic, Mercury, will square off with dizzying Neptune on June 6, making for some confusing conversions, and the Sun will do the same on June 7, finding people feeling lost, helpless, and detached. Sit with your emotions, focus on what you know is true, and make a big effort to listen to your body. Trust your gut. If something literally feels weird, trust that! But don’t let your imagination run away with you. This will be a tough time, so if you need to take a time-out, then do that.


Communication planet Mercury will enter fellow water sign Cancer on June 12, illuminating a very playful sector of your chart and finding you flirting with plenty of cuties. You’ll be busy partying and inspired to make art. Like you, Cancer is a very psychic sign, so expect your abilities to be boosted. New beginnings will be in the air—not just because Mercury in Cancer will have you opening up to plenty of fun, but also because the new moon in Gemini on June 13 will activate the home and family sector of your chart.

Have you been “checking out” too much? Or have you been overworking yourself? These are questions to reflect on, little fish.

This will be your time to decide for yourself what the future will look like, so get clear on your emotional needs, especially concerning your living situation, your family, and the emotional supports and boundaries in your life. It’s crucial that you do this so you can move forward with whatever new opportunities come your way.

Practically speaking, if you’re looking for someplace new to live, or if you want a fresh start with a loved one, this new moon will on your side. Plus, Venus will enter Leo on the same day, bringing blessings to the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines and rituals. This will put you in a cheerful mood as you do your laundry, go to work, and hit the gym. Venus in glam Leo will also be a great time for you get a makeover or go to the spa (or make your own spa day at home! Magical baths are a fantastic way for Pisces people to get in touch with their inner witch).


Your ruling planet, dreamy Neptune, begins its retrograde on June 18. You’re a dreamer, and it’s time you connect with this magical part of yourself. If you haven’t been getting enough spiritual nourishment, make time to do so now. Make art, dance, get lost in some music or a good book, or whatever helps you escape. A little escape is OK. Sleep is a part of life; it’s how we have energy to get shit done. A little daydreaming, in balance with focus and calm attention, is fab—we just need to make sure escapism doesn’t take over our lives. Rest and activity need to be in balance. Have you been “checking out” too much? Or have you been overworking yourself? These are questions to reflect on, little fish.

Easy energy will flow around communication on June 19, when Mercury connects with Jupiter, and on June 20, when it connects with Neptune. You’ll be in the mood to talk about philosophy, art, spirituality—deep conversations will be taking place! Just watch out for a few exaggerations… people will be talking from their hearts, not their heads . They may also say more than they mean to.

The Sun will enter Cancer on June 21, marking the summer solstice and continuing the good vibes. You’ll be in full swing party mood, eager to flirt and have fun. Also on June 21, Venus will oppose Mars, creating a competitive energy; however, it’ll be very passionate, too! Venus will square off with Jupiter on June 25, and the energy will be indulgent as hell, Expect total decadence. Adventure will be on the way! Perhaps schedule a few days off from work in preparation?

Mars begins its retrograde on June 26 in Aquarius, finding you slowing way, way down this summer. The mood will feel limp as the planet of war retreats—and you’ll need to get better quality rest. Perhaps keep a lepidolite or labradorite stone in your pillow. Repressed anger may come to the surface now—but even if it doesn’t, this will be a fine time to check in with a therapist or counselor. Later this summer, you will find yourself reflecting on how the people you surround yourself with encourage you to chase after your dreams (or, how they don’t).

There will be a full moon Capricorn on June 28, which will bring about a climax in a situation that’s been building in your social life. Expect some drama in your friend group. People accuse you of being flakey, little fish, but the truth is you’re a very committed friend—and during this full moon, you’ll learn a lot about your friendships, as well as your place in or the general dynamic of the groups and associations you belong to. The next day, June 29, Mercury will enter Leo, encouraging you to get organized and take care of business. Try not to overbook yourself during the day of the full moon, because you’ll want your energy when Mercury moves into fiery Leo!

Good luck, Pisces, and see you in July!