The First People to See 'Solo' Say It's Actually Awesome

And not just because of Donald Glover.

It's been hard to know exactly what to think about Disney's upcoming stand-alone Star Wars film, Solo. For every tiny bit of Donald Glover brilliance that might make you think the movie could be solid, there's a massive onslaught of weird, bad, and wholly bizarre news about the film's production to prove otherwise. Will it suck or rule? Can Alden Ehrenreich actually pull off a passable approximation of Harrison Ford? Is Ron Howard just going to narrate the whole thing like an episode of Arrested Development?


We're still a few weeks away from finding out for ourselves when the film hits theaters, but on Thursday, the first audience sat down to watch the movie at its premiere in Los Angeles. And the reactions are, uh, wait—they're actually really good!

It sounds like Alden Ehrenreich's secret Han lessons with Harrison Ford paid off, too.

Not everyone who saw the movie was totally sold on it. Some felt like it got off to a rough start—though things apparently fall into place once the main story gets rolling.

Well, shit. If Solo is as good as this early buzz makes it seem, then maybe a Lando movie about Donald Glover hanging out with Lobot and dicking around Cloud City will actually become a reality after all. Get on it, Disney. Until then, Solo is set to hit theaters on May 25.

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