Valee and Jeremih's "Womp Womp" Is the Crime Film All Rappers Must Make

The Chicago rapper and singer ride around LA to recover cash for their standout collaboration.

Valee has been one of rap's best kept secrets, but his inventive flow in which he flips words better than most of his peers is what's making him into a rising star. Back in May, the recent G.O.O.D. music signee teamed up with his fellow Chicagoan Jeremih for "Womp Womp," a bouncy single that lays a perfect foundation for that signature flow. Today, the song got extended life with its new video, which feels much more like a feature film.

In it, Valee wakes up in LA to find out that he's been robbed. The rest of the video shows him wandering around the city, as cops look for culprits, and possible offenders dip in and out of motels. It's a natural progression for rappers to put their own spins on cops-and-robbers types of movies and Valee is making good on that tradition early on in his career. Watch the video above.

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