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Dog weed CEO "Permit Patty" is losing a ton of business after calling cops on little girl selling water

Several of her clients said their values were more important to them than any single product

California canines may be missing their favorite pot products now that dispensaries are cutting ties with "Permit Patty,” the woman caught on tape threatening to call the cops on an 8-year-old for selling water on the sidewalk.

Several dispensaries are pulling TreatWell products — including tinctures specially formulated for cats and dogs — from their shelves, citing a video posted Friday. It showed TreatWell CEO Alison Ettel, who is white, appearing to call the police to report on a young black girl who was selling bottled water on a San Francisco sidewalk. “Illegally selling water without a permit,” Ettel is heard speaking into her phone in the video, seemingly to the cops. The video shot by a passerby went viral and launched the hashtag #PermitPatty.


And now, at least seven businesses across California have cut ties with Ettel’s company: Solful, a dispensary in Sebastopol, Magnolia in Oakland, Herb Cannabis Delivery in Los Angeles, and others all issued statements saying that they wouldn’t be doing business with TreatWell any longer. Most said their values were more important to them than any single product — though some admitted that TreatWell’s tinctures had been selling super well.

Weed for dogs was featured in an Associated Press report in October of 2017, featuring evangelizers who talk about pot for pets as a solution to problems ranging from anxiety to cancer — and it features Ettel and her products. She says her products could treat a bunch of different problems, without getting your pets high. Vets say there’s not much science behind that. Pot might have medicinal benefits, but research just hasn’t been done yet.

Ettel says her complaint about the girl selling water had nothing to do with any permit. It was about the noise they were making on the sidewalk. “It was something like, ‘Two dollars for water! two dollars for water!’ for hours,” Ettel told CNN. The noise, she said, was keeping her from her work.

Jordan Rodgers, the girl who was selling the water, told CNN she was doing so because wanted to help her mom, who lost her job, and she wanted to go Disneyland.

The dog weed CEO told HuffPost that she wasn’t calling the cops — she was only pretending to. But on Tuesday, speaking to CNN, she didn’t deny that she was making a 911 call.


“This woman don’t want a little girl to sell some water, she’s calling the police on an 8-year-old girl,” the girl’s mother, Erin Austin, can be heard saying in the video.

“I think she’s a bully. Just the fact that she called the police on a child, that’s evil. But to call on a child of color, knowing that police have been killing black kids, that says to me that you don’t care about my child’s life,” Austin told CNN.

Jordan, in the end, will get her trip to Disneyland. Anonymous donors have chipped in to send her — on a private plane, no less.

And as for the pets who’d been using Ettel’s products, lucky for them there’s a bunch of other companies that might have just what the doctor ordered.