NOBRO Deliver Anxious Classic Rock on "The Kids Are Back"

The Montreal punk outfit delivers an infectious holdover before their upcoming full-length LP 'Sick Hustle.'
May 10, 2018, 2:15pm

Rock music is at its best when it’s uncomplicated, raucous, and uncouth. You go to a rock show or listen to rock because you want to let go, lean in, and not give a goddang fuck. Montreal’s NOBRO—a self-proclaimed power trio of punk, garage rock babes—give us exactly that with their track, “The Kids Are Back,” a layover to their full-length Sick Hustle.

In the video for the song, the band plays in a dark room together—like they are in rehearsal or a very poorly attended house party. But the energy is nonetheless infectious; a sizzling riff and defiant drumbeat swirl around the small room adorned with a disco ball. Vocalist Kathryn McCaughey ponders about life and youth over the accelerated track’s beat, “I showed up and need to go/ Cause I grew up, oh no oh no oh no.” Classic punk rock anxiety.

“We wanted to make a song that really wasn't going to make you think too hard about it,” NOBRO told Noisey. “From Suzie Quatro inspired teenage renegade aesthetics to the MC5's ostentatious and garish brand of not giving a damn, it incorporates a rolling baseline, penetrating are hits and infectious and flashy guitar licks to give rise to a simple and unapologetic rock 'n roll song.”