This Video Mashup of a Young Ryan Gosling Dancing to Techno Is Perfect

It's objectively better than 'La La Land'.
June 21, 2018, 1:26pm

This post originally appeared on Thump

Instagram user Techno and Chill does exactly what their name suggests: offers up chill videos involving techno music and its many DJs and devoted fans. Like many of the best social media accounts in our fair world, they also feature intriguing video mashups involving faces that look like cheeseburgers, the dancing scene from Pulp Fiction set to a Solomun track, and naked people at Burning Man.

If you're not already sold, how about a video of famous actor Ryan Gosling, as a young child, dancing to techno music? You're in, right? We got you. Or should we say, Techno and Chill has got you. Anyway, as promised, here's a video of Yung Gos, dressed in purple, wearing parachute trousers, surrounded by young ladies like some sort of prepubescent Prince-meets-MC Hammer.

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