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'My House' Journeys Inside Philadelphia's Most Legendary Voguing Ball

In this week's episode, cast members take on Philly's famously competitive ballroom scene to prove that they're bigger than New York.

Tonight on a new episode of MY HOUSE, the gang travels to Philadelphia to compete at the legendary Dorian Corey Awards Ball—and the stakes are high. It's one thing to walk and be known in your hometown, but snatching trophies in other cities can create a star.

In Jelani's first out-of-state ball, he competes in the "realness" category, which measures the competitors' ability to mask their homosexuality and appear seemingly straight or masculine. He wonders whether his "realness" will measure up in Philly, where the men are supposedly "tougher."

Meanwhile, Tati focuses on networking after her recent departure from the House of Mugler. She maintains the buzz around her by taking a meeting with another legendary house she's considering joining.

In this week's sneak peek, we get a glimpse of Lolita, a cis woman who is fairly new to ballroom, as she storms the floor to compete in the "women's runway" category.

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