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Another Woman Has Made Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Riff Raff

Jezebel spoke to a woman who says that the rapper made unwanted advances on her during the 2015 Warped Tour, when she was a teenager.
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A 20-year-old woman has come forward to accuse Riff Raff of sexual misconduct when she was underage. The accusation comes less than a week after a woman in Melbourne, Australia accused the rapper of drugging and raping her, causing his tour of that country to be cancelled.

Jezebel's Hazel Cills spoke directly to new accuser Kelsey Doucette, who says that she met Riff Raff during Warped Tour's stop in Milwaukee in 2015, at which time Doucette was 17. She tells Cills that she accepted an invitation aboard Riff Raff's tour bus after a meet-and-greet with the understanding that it would be casual. She says she intended to bring her male friends too, but only her female friends were allowed on board. Doucette says Riff Raff later took her to the bedroom in the back alone.

There, Doucette says that Riff Raff came on to her (“He went to lay down on his bed and he said come lay down with me, check out these sheets”) and forcibly pulled her onto the bed when she refused. She says that "Riff Raff began to touch her legs, her arms, put his hand on the inside of her waistband, tried to kiss her on the lips," advances that Doucette also refused. He invited her to go in to the shower with him, allegedly whispering “I’ll even let you have my babies" in her ear. Doucette then asked to leave the bus and was allowed to do so by Riff Raff. She tweeted vaguely about the incident at the time, but went public with a larger statement on Facebook on Friday.

Riff Raff and his management have not publicly responded to either allegation at this time. Noisey has reached out to his team and will update this post if we received a response. Read more at Jezebel.

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