This "Weed" that was Confiscated by WA Police Looks Suspiciously Like Grass

"Putting Jim's Mowing out of business."
October 5, 2018, 6:54am
Image via Twitter

On Wednesday night, while you were sleeping, police in Western Australia were fighting the good fight and bagging a sizeable quantity of potent, high-grade grass. What do I mean by grass? Possibly cannabis. But also probably just grass.

I don’t really know, admittedly, because the Bruce Rock police officers who uploaded this image to Twitter yesterday morning don’t actually say. And yes, those sealed bags and that boastful caption make it seem like it might be weed. But also, doesn’t it kind of just look heaps like… weeds?

It does, according to a significant number of online commentators. Shortly after the hardworking officers of Bruce Rock posted the snapshot of their yield online—first to their own Twitter page, and then to the Wheatbelt District WA Police Force Facebook page—they were peppered with a steady barrage of comments pointing out that, actually, that’s just three bags of what appear to be lawn clippings.

“Some blokes been arrested just because he likes to empty his lawnmower into plastic bags,” wrote one Facebook user. “You can have the catcher from my mower,” quipped another. “Jesus what did ya do sweep that up from the nearest park under a gum tree lol” exclaimed a third.

Others suggested that the cops were “Putting Jim’s Mowing out of business” and that the estimated value of the haul was “in excess of $7.50”.

All in all, the consensus is overwhelmingly stacked toward the so-called “seizure” being a sham, and the police being fucking idiots. Which is a pretty embarrassing outcome for them, even if it is in fact weed.

But is it weed? Probably not. But could it be? Those leafy bits look kind of like a weed bush. Have they just stuffed a whole weed bush into a bag? Are people selling weed by the bush these days?

Or is this whole thing just an elaborate case of the cops getting down with the kids by pulling a funny little prank and collecting grass clippings while they’re supposed to be solving crimes and saving lives? Please, somebody tell me.