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Kanye Has Plastered Kim’s Instagram All Over the New York Subway

Peak Kanye.
Image via Twitter

This article was originally published by i-D UK.

Kim Kardashian has a lot of Instagram followers. 108 million, to be precise (if you can consider a span of a million "precise"). So it was a savvy marketing move for Kanye to plaster his Yeezy Season 6 campaign across her ‘gram, via paparazzi-esque shots of her running errands. Not to mention the other millions of followers exposed to the ads via the other celebrities they recruited, to dress up as Kim in Kanye’s gear — from Sarah Snyder to longtime Best Frenemy Forever, Paris Hilton.


Not content with the inordinate amount of influence this collection of influencers brings, Kanye’s gone old school and plastered the campaign across the New York Subway and Times Square.

But he hasn’t just plastered the "pap" shots themselves — he’s plastered screenshots of the Instagrams of the pap shots, in a move that’s sure to perplex many an innocent bystander with no knowledge of Yeezy’s foray into fashion. Is it an ad for Instagram? For Kim’s Instagram? For the adoring fans posting heartfelt messages of love and appreciation in the comments? For the merits of going on a smoothie run in a sports bra and heels?

Regardless, it’s an undeniably Kanye move. He’s quite remarkably managed to amalgamate three forms of advertising into one — social media posts, tabloid buzz, and old fashioned brick-and-mortar posters. Every demographic must be targeted. Everyone must be aware of the couple’s latest move. No stone will be left unturned in Kimye’s ongoing quest for global domination.