Everything Bagel and Nova Panzanella Recipe

Turn the ultimate breakfast platter into the ultimate breakfast salad.
March 23, 2018, 1:00pm
Everything Bagel and Nova Panzanella Recipe
Photo by Heami Lee

Servings: 4
Prep time: 10 minutes
Total time: 45 minutes


for the pickled red onions:
½ small red onion, thinly sliced
¾ cup|180 ml champagne vinegar
1 tablespoon granulated sugar

for the dressing:
1 ounce|25 grams cream cheese
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon pickling liquid from the onions
1 ½ lemons, zested and juiced


for the salad:
½ cup|125 ml vegetable oil
1 (2-ounce|57-gram) jar capers, rinsed and drained
2 everything bagels, torn into 1-inch pieces
2 tablespoons olive oil
kosher salt, to taste
1 pound|450 grams sliced nova
4 Persian cucumbers, sliced into ¼-inch thick rounds
½ bunch parsley, leaves picked
1 bunch chives, cut into 2-inch pieces
½ cup dill sprigs


  1. Make the pickled onions: Bring the vinegar, sugar, and ¼ cup|60 ml water to a boil in a small saucepan. Cook until the sugar has dissolved, then pour over the red onions. Leave to cool to room temperature before draining.
  2. Make the dressing: Whisk all ingredients in a small bowl and set aside.
  3. Make the crispy capers: Heat the canola oil in a small skillet over medium. Add the capers and cook until crispy, about 2 minutes. Be careful, if they are still a little wet, they will burst and crackle when they hit the oil! Drain (you can reuse the oil in a dressing or something, if you like). 4. Make the salad: Heat the oven to 425°F. On a baking sheet, toss the pieces of bagel with the olive oil and salt. Bake until golden and crispy, 12 minutes. Set aside to cool.
  4. Transfer the bagel pieces to a large bowl along with the remaining ingredients. Add the pickled onions (drained), the capers, and the dressing. Toss well to combine and serve immediately.

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