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PlayStation Won’t Publish ‘Super Seducer’ Pick-Up Artist Game After All

The game launched on Steam today, as planned.
Screenshot via Super Seducer 

Super Seducer, a choose your own adventure game that teaches men how to harass women using pick-up artist tactics, was set to be released on PlayStation 4 today.

However, PlayStation has confirmed to Motherboard that the platform will not sell the game in its store after all.

“My comment is that I have no comment on this,” Richard La Ruina, the game’s creator and "renowned seduction guru" told me in an email.

“When we give mainstream access to sexism, we allow it to proliferate and grow,” Emily May, co-founder and executive director of an anti-harassment nonprofit, Hollaback!, told me in an email after I played Super Seducer in late February. “We need to hide this game under a rock and starve it—and the whole PUA culture—of light and oxygen until it dies. PUA culture is what society tells men to be, and it starves men of options and different ways of being in the world.”

While it will not be published on PlayStation, the game did launch on Steam today as planned for $9.87 (discounted from $12.99), and already the discussion forum dedicated to it is a garbage fire. Many people are disgusted by the game’s existence: “Every woman should buy this game!” Steam user Jinx writes. “No seriously, you should. Get it, play it, and if you ever .. EVER met a guy who does ANY of these things, run like hell. It's a very useful guide in that respect.”

“So Steam is now selling lessons on how to harass people?” user Revolver Joninator writes. “Cool.”

Valve, which operates Steam, has not responded to our request for comment.