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Australia’s First Same-Sex Marriage Comes To a Heartbreaking End

The sad sweet story of Jo Grant and Jill Kindt's 48 day marriage.

Last December, Jo Grant and Jill Kindt became the first same-sex couple to legally marry in Australia. Their wedding took place less than a week after the historic changes to marriage the marriage act were announced on December 9. Most couples still needed to undergo the 30 waiting period to be married, but that was lifted for Jo and Jill as Jo was suffering from a rare form of cancer and was in palliative care. Their wedding took place in the garden of their sunshine coast home on December 15. Tragically, Jo passed away 48 days later.


Their story was detailed for the first time in Queensland state parliament this week, after their family gave permission for it to be told. Jo’s wife Jill, and her parents were present to hear the Attorney-General’s address.

Jo and Jill’s wedding followed a promise day and commitment ceremony they’d held in 2013 as a personal marker of their relationship where they exchanged vows in front of friends. They were together for eight years.