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The Emotional Stages of St. Vincent's Rihanna and SZA Cover

Annie Clark gave a rendition of their 'ANTI' collab "Consideration" for Spotify.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Screenshot via YouTube

I wrote a while ago about the special, fun feeling you get when your fave covers another of your faves. One of the people I mentioned was St. Vincent, who, at the time, had covered Sleater-Kinney's "Modern Girl." Now Annie's back at it again, with a slightly more unexpected, but still very cool cover of "Consideration" by Rihanna and SZA, a track which appeared on Rih's last album ANTI. And it takes you on an emotional journey, man.


Obviously the first stage is excitement: "Holy shit, very great lady St. Vincent covered her fellow very great ladies Rihanna and SZA! Don't mind if I dip my musical toe into this clear water!"

Stage two: surprise. You click play and it's actually pretty stripped-back, with a sinister under-hum that differs from the original which suits St. Vincent very well.

Stage three can only be described as "hell yeah!" When the chorus hits, you realise that this is a really great St. Vincent cover. Her vocal slides excellently into its sultry vibe, especially following her last album MASSEDUCTION, on which she really let that side of herself shine.

Stage four: satisfaction. Like eating a great meal, this cover leaves you feeling full, happy, and ready for dessert.

Hear the whole thing below:

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