Goodell Celebrates Legal Win with Fireball Shots in NYC Dive Bar

I mean, I expected Jager Bombs, but whatever.
Screenshot via @heatherly20 IG

NFL commissioners, they're just like one of us! After chalking up a legal W against Ezekiel Elliott yesterday, Roger Goodell decided to take a jaunt to a local watering hole and take in some Thursday Night Football with regular human beings.

Just check this guy out! Apparently, he was ripping buds and girding his loins with fireball shots! Would you believe it?

Howdy doo, fellow kids? Somehow, people swallowed the bile in their throats as he entered the room, and some even took pictures with him:


The looks on the faces of these two read like they just got done saying, "Huh." And then there's this guy, coincidentally named Alex Smith, according to his profile.

OK, fine. Maybe some people are down to clown with Rogie Baby. These women seem to be having fun with the Commish:

Still kinda feels like your dad showed up to your slumber party with a joint, but hey, anything to make that concussion-ignoring, power-grabbing, disenfranchising overlord look more human, right?