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Channel Nine Is Freaking Out About Schoolies Getting High

Australian mums and dads behold: “Schoolies Filmed Taking Ecstasy and Inhaling Nangs.”
Image via YouTube

Last night mums and dads around Australia settled in front of the 6 PM news with their pre-dinner rieslings, looking forward to an evening of Family Food Fight and followed by some Q&A.

Next thing, they were yelling at Channel Nine's news report, “Schoolies Filmed Taking Ecstasy and Inhaling Nangs.” Just the thought of Lozzy or Lachlan on a three-day nange binge at the Burleigh Heads Mantra hit all those mums and dads hard.


The report featured footage that originally surfaced on Snapchat. There was footage of Queensland schoolies downing tabs of acid and sucking nitrous oxide from balloons. There was also vision of one guy with a blue tab on his tongue while the text “go hard or go home” flashed beneath. The guy also claimed that he'd “just got back from hospital” before he took the tab.

The report also mentioned a Brisbane couple who were arrested this week after 24,000 ecstasy pills worth $1 million were seized from their home near Fortitude Valley. Cops fear that the pills were bound for the “Class of 2017”.

Channel Nine failed to mention that taking nangs and acid is fairly typical behaviour for many people in Australia and not particularly exclusive to Schoolies Week or Cavill Avenue.

In the opening weekend of the Gold Coast's schoolies season police have arrested 41 people, 19 of which were schoolies. And another 2.5 weeks of Schoolies remain.