Bearded Italian Noise Duo Zeus! Will Turn Your Brain Cells into Soup

Check out this nine-minute onslaught of fuzzy bass and ludicrous drumming.

For some people, the idea of watching two bearded guys play (mostly) instrumental music for eight and half minutes sounds like a normal Tuesday, and for others it sounds like the plot to a David Fincher movie. So try to keep an open mind while watching "Numeronove Studio live #4" from the Italian post-everything band, Zeus! If you're not familiar with these Greek gods of math rock, the bass and drums duo of Luca Cavina and Paolo Mongardi formed in 2010 and have toured with everyone from Retox to Melt-Banana to Fuzz Orchestra (the latter of which Mongardi always plays drums in).


This black and white clip is part of a series released by the aforementioned studio, which is a cottage in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, that's open to international artists and musicians. However when Zeus! perform there it seems more like a cottage out of the Saw movies, but with more fog machines. Zeus! leans heavy on distorted bass, impossibly complex drumming, and music that's calculatedly chaotic without the need for electric guitar.

As for these two songs, "Forza Bruta Bruta Ram Attack" is a five-minute-long ripper that's as eerie as it is jaw-droppingly technical while "Colon Hell" sounds like the soundtrack to a video game where the main character navigates your nightmares. That said, it should come as no surprise that the band's last two records were released by Justin Pearson's record label, Three One G.

Zeus!'s most recent release is a 2015 LP, Motomonotono, which is good for a ten-track rearranging of your brain's circuits. Watch the live shots above.