The Deslondes Find Comfort On 'Hurry Home'

The New Orleans band return with their second full-length Amercana record and boy, it's a doozy.
June 21, 2017, 4:04pm

Back in 2014, New Orleans band The Deslondes released their self-titled debut The Deslondes to fairly widespread critical acclaim. It blended psychedelic guitars with banjos on some songs, took on a more rock 'n' roll sound for others, but no musical element ever seems out of place. By doing this, The Deslondes established themselves as a band capable of highlighting the complexities of the music genres without too much disrespect. They created something that revived and respected the old while also innovating it for a more 21st century Bandcamp audience.


So it makes sense that their new album, Hurry Home, follows much the same trajectory. The self-described Americana band takes Woodie Guthrie-inspired folk techniques and blends it with harder riffs and psychedelic rock. The Deslondes have found a comfortable sound to create art in, and it serves them well.

Hurry Home is out Friday, June 23 on New West Records.